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Welcome to Forever and A Day! Set in a newly arisen continent called Shadow in a gtown called Blackmoore, the races approved by the Master Vampire of the continent are existing in peace...for now. Join in and live your new life! (Plus this box will leave you alone ;D)

Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day: Where your darkest hour is gone, and your brightest day begins.
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 A Whisper of Rules

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Abel Beaumont
Abel Beaumont

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A Whisper of Rules Empty
PostSubject: A Whisper of Rules   A Whisper of Rules EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 1:31 am

Please do not start a topic without admins permission. The exceptions are OOC and the creation of your character.

Forever And A Day...RULES
  • Please Read These Rules ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Because we have some stuff hidden away that you need to know in order for anything of yours to be accepted.
  • If you ever have questions... just ask us! We won't bite ya...although the vampires might...X3
  • This RP is rated MATURE But we require that if your thread is going in the direction of Mature, that you put ((M)) in the topic title.

Registration and Application
  • Please register with your character's FIRST and LAST name. This helps us know exactly who's who.
  • There is no character limit. But we trust that you know how many you can handle. Keep all of them active, and you can have as many as you want.
  • Be diverse. If you are planning on making an additional character, consider branching out. Try roleplaying a character that is a different gender, age, ethnicity, or has a different heritage, sexual orientation or (ir)religion than you would normally choose.

In Character
  • Post as YOUR CHARACTER. Not you. This is a roleplay, and it is your character that your playing. Just a reminder ^_^
  • No Drama. Save that for real life. Not here.

  • Please TRY to make posts at least 100 words. Too many sites die because of one-line to two-line posts. All regular posts should be 100 words or more, battle scenes can be 50 or more.
  • DESCRIBE! Try and pump some detail into your posts! "She walked into the room." is no post. "She walked into the room, her auburn eyes flashing in the dim light. With her she brought an even darker aura, something that nobody wanted to deal with." is muuuuch better.
  • Please no lolspeak! We expect...
  • Good spelling and grammar! Spell check IS your friend.

Out of Character
  • It was said before. We'll say it again. No Drama.
  • Relationships:are ok in Real Life. Online is not real life. PLEASE be careful starting online relationships? This isn't a dating service.
  • Post "Lestat de Lioncourt says this user has read the rules." in red anywhere in your chari app or you cannot be accepted.
  • OOC posts can be any length you want. And about any topic. Just make sure they are in the CORRECT forum.

  • No nudity, pornography, or otherwise innapropriate content in your graphics.
  • As long as they don't stretch the board, they can be any size.
  • We have the right to REMOVE any graphics that break these rules.

Activity Requirements
  • To be considered active you must post at least once a week.
  • Characters left in WIP for over a week will be deleted.
  • If you will be leaving for any amount of time please post it in "Absences".
  • If you can't handle one of your characters because you have too many put it up for adoption!

Tammi, from RPG-D, wrote these rules!

A Whisper of Rules Pic02610

Here I am
the puppeteer
walking through my darkest fears

My characters from other sites:
Abel Beaumont
Cameron Dupont (Technically mine, played by a different person though...)
Ari Mysfit (Not mine but a friend's)
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A Whisper of Rules
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